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Jen Hofer, from "Scar Theory"

This work, from Jen Hofer's "Scar Theory," is the third installment of Physiology. (This work also appears in Hofer's Slide Rule, just out from Subpress.)

            —G. Kalleberg

* * *

the romance of the human body in an attic


human body

inside their skins (right here) (light) alone a glimpse
(and identical birds) (identical hands) repeating space
between space the human face no bird but hood the human
body disappears unprettily or alight


the human face

in the glass recognize the shatter
add here a proper bestiary
vacillations stubbled in the dirt
a wren constellation suspended bends in the beautiful light


the light

conflagration (taut) by candle-light (flagrant)
against the glass / against the glass
the river (don't remember the candles)
(or during) must stun / stunning
out of the molten now (anoint or
adorn) (feel this way / this) whose
architecture emulates, subjects you



so much for theory. tissue.
to its own devices. reorganized
into segments. luscious less orange.
succulent sequester. a quality.


extra tissue

of quarantine alone / a clinic of
ligaments lack moisture / who's
asking / blind information (a class
of people / a body of water
extra tissue) / perfectly harmless


subject you to it

crisis of crisis (white roses) around which the bees
verify the sun. the key to find and then it unlock and
then so silently to lose. to lose a coin. we have been
before this before. which confirms what we do not
know (is not known). being linked each to each and
absorbed (pigment) by which appearance


the light

an attic of ravenous (exploded burnt) birds
feverish air / the air pharmaceutical
a little time please (formed of)
tumorous mountains / the mountain
of fears (a novel) or yes ranted
permission (starvation) or opens yes
as a shaft / shaven / precipice
formerly soft (succulent definition)


in which the word calculus appears

at the same time every day at the same window looking at
the same recent months: on the edge of actual motion whose
rhythm calls the lips or whose rhythm drinking coffee. of
thicket and of bird. or consecutive. anticipated
as an expressed syntax about to appear as sound. or yellow
flowers. hurtling towards. chimney against me. the orange
of nasturtium at the window or glass. lack of
eyes. color in one shoulder, "the puppets are not dolls."


Issue No. 16 Copyright © 2002 The Transcendental Friend. All rights revert to the authors upon publication.