TF15 2001-03-Beasts
Work by Henri Michaux (trans. Laird Hunt); Kevin Varrone; Heather Ramsdell; Jonathan Skinner; Rebecca Wolff; Lindsay Ahl; and Mary Burger
  TF14 2001-01-Skinclinic
Work by Pattie McCarthy; Dale Smith; Kristen Prevallet on Holli Schorno; Jaime Saenz (tr. Forrest Gander & Kent Johnson); and Xin Hong (tr. Denis Mair)
  TF13 2000-03-Trans (ed. G. Kalleberg & L. Schwartz)
Règis Bonvicino (tr. Michael Palmer, Dana Stevens, Jennifer Sarah Frota, John Milton, Odile Cisneros, Guy Bennet, & Robert Creeley); from the Zohar (tr. David Rosenberg); Durs Gruenbein, Matthias Goeritz & Antanas Gailius (tr. Susan Bernofsky); Maria Maksimova (tr. Laura D. Weeks) and Manuel Ulacia (tr. Suzanne Jill Levine)
  TF12 1999-11-Quandaries
Work by Jo Ann Wasserman, Hoa Nguyen, Nikolai Gumilev (trans. K. Gilbert), Carmen Firan (trans. Sheffer, Codrescu, Semilian, Agalidi), Zhai Yongming (trans. Schwartz & Er), Osvaldo Sanchez (trans. Tejada), Andrew Levy, & Tristan Tzara (trans. Semilian & Agalidi)
TF11 1999-09-Moths
Work by Tim Atkins, Mike Kelleher on Charles Bernstein, Comte de Montesquiou (trans. & presented by Jeffrey Jullich), and Paul Celan (trans. from the Romanian by Julian Semilian & Sanda Agalidi)
  TF10 1999-05-Naturalism
Work by Emilie Clark, Lytle Shaw & Heather Ramsdell, Yoko Tawada (translated by Susan Bernofsky), Zhang Er (translated by Susan Schultz), Jesse Glass, and Dan Machlin
  TF09 1999-03-Instruments
Work by Stacy Doris, Jean Cocteau (trans. by Kristen Prevallet), Katrine Marie Guldager (trans. by Anne Mette Lundtofte), Alexander Ulanov (trans. by the author and Michelle Murphy), and Heather Ramsdell
  TF08 1999-02-Coffins
Work by Jesse Glass, Aloysius Bertrand (translated & presented by Irène Eulriet & Rob Guthrie), Charles Baudelaire (falsely translated by David Cameron), Pam Rehm, and H. Ramsdell & G. Kalleberg
  TF07 1998-12-Birds
Work by Kevin Killian, Zhang Er (translated by Eleni Sikelianos & Zhang Er), Katy Lederer, Daniel Machlin & Richard Tyson, and P. M. Deshong (presented by Jesse Glass)
  TF06 1998-11-Medicine
Work by Alan Gilbert, Huon le Roi (translated and presented by Laird Hunt), Robert M. Larsen (presented by E. Tage Larsen), Kevin Killian, and Ghrasim Luca (translated by Jonathan Skinner)
  TF05 1998-10-Masons
Work by Haye Hinrichsen (translated by Peter Constantine), Henry Gould, Camille Guthrie, Daniel Machlin, Sir Thomas Browne, Tim Atkins, Paul Van Ostaijen (translated by Duncan Dobbelmann), and Kevin Killian
  TF04 1998-06-Figs
Work by Camille Guthrie, Cole Swensen, Ana Belén López (translated by Jen Hofer), Joe Eliott, Heather Fuller, and Daniel Machlin
  TF03 1998-05-Taxidermy
Work by Jonathan Skinner, Alice Notley, Marcella Durand, Duncan Dobbelmann, Heather Ramsdell, and an anonymous artisan
  TF02 1998-04-Aeronautics
Work by Henry Gould, Anselm Berrigan, Jordan Davis, an anonymous Middle English poet, Antonin Artaud (translated by Jonathan Skinner), Leonard Schwartz, and Daniel Machlin
  TF01 1998-03-Entomology
Work by Duncan Dobbelmann, Lisa Jarnot, Garrett Kalleberg, and Dennis Thomas (with Henri Fabre)