Habeas Corpus

The body of The Transcendental Friend is bisected into several organs; each of the organs of The Transcendental Friend is a book in progress. Consequently, TF does not accept open submissions per se. (The best way to understand what we're doing here is by reading the Friend: the current issue is featured on the TF Home page; past issues are catalogued on the Archives page.) If you are interested in contributing to one of the sections, please take a look at the description of organs in the editorial statement, and send a note to the editor referring to the section you would like to contribute to and describing what you have in mind.

Open Bodies

Please note that as of October 2000 certain organs are not currently open for submission. These parts are "open":

Physiology - works that have in some way to do with the body.
Idiosyncratica - historical oddities.
Schizmata - part-written or multiple voice work (sort of dramatic poetry with an emphasis on poetry).
Dialectic - two text chunks in productive opposition.
Project - open for a broad range of interactive or multi-media works.
Critical Dictionary - articles, essays, on a particular subject, such as Sincerity &c. - inspired in part by Bataille's "Dictionaire critique et historique".
Rosetta - sort of a literary art brut: texts not written by "writers".

Closed Bodies

These parts are more or less "closed":

A Bestiary, edited by Laird Hunt - by solicitation only.
Report from the Field, edited by Leonard Schwartz - by solicitation only.
Mote, edited by Heather Ramsdell - by solicitation only.
Review, edited by Daniel Machlin - by solicitation only.

Garrett Kalleberg