Forthcoming Releases: Spring 2002
Release Title Artist CD
Fall 2003 [Work in Progress] Groundzero Telesonic Outfit International (Jen Hofer & Melissa Dyne) IACD04

Current Release:
Above Islands / Dan Machlin & Serena Jost (IACD03 - February 2002)

      Now let the cycle sweep us here and there.

            —H.D., "Sigil"

The Work:
1. So If You Love Me [2:05]†
2. Serman [0:48]
3. Last Time [3:44]
4. Thought [0:55]
5. If We Agree [2:56]
6. Jam [2:47]
7. Until [0:53]
8. Oh You Clouds [3:43]†
9. Story [6:49]
10. Water [6:48]
11. Maybe [2:27]
12. Thing [6:03]
13. World Is Green [1:58]
14. Cold [2:53]
15. Instrumental 13 [2:06]
†Texts of "Oh You Clouds" and "So If You Love Me" are adapted from "Calypso [section II]" and "Sigil [section XV] by H.D. Doolittle, from Collected Poems, 1912-1944, copyright © 1982 by The Estate of Hilda Doolittle. Used by permission of New Directions Publishing Corp.
All other music and words by Dan Machlin & Serena Jost.
Performed by Dan Machlin: voice, guitars, Wurlitzer, string machine, Casio, accordion; and Serena Jost: voice, cello, Wurlitzer.

Recorded: Monhegan Island, Maine and Brooklyn, NY 2001-2002; post-production Immanent Audio. Thanks to Garrett Kalleberg, Todd Horton, Cassis, Lance Angelus, Rebecca Tuggle, and Sean Killian for their encouragement, hard work and support. Thanks also to Hudson Studio.

Above Islands is available direct from Immanent Audio for $10.

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