Origins of Immanent Audio

Immanent Audio developed out of work from The Transcendental Friend in 1999. (Both Immanent Audio and The Transcendental Friend are imprints of
Morningred Dot Com.) The idea was to work with writers to produce sound works that began with (their) texts. We compiled Snake Hiss, a CD containing pieces by Alan Gilbert & Garrett Kalleberg, Lisa Jarnot, Marcella Durand, Jonathan Skinner, Duncan Dobbelmann, Daniel Machlin & Serena Jost, Jen Hofer, Laird Hunt, Cole Swensen, Jesse Glass, Heather Fuller, Anselm Berrigan (with Eddie Berrigan), Heather Ramsdell & G. Kalleberg, and Laird Hunt & G. Kalleberg. A number of these pieces (in mp3 format) can be sampled from our catalog page.

After a long hiatus following the production of Snake Hiss, Immanent Audio is again working with writers in producing new text-based audio works. Forthcoming releases are announced on the IA home page.

The Immanent Audio Program

Immanent Audio publishes audio CDs of work by writers and their collaborators.

While much can and has been said about poetry and music or sound, Immanent Audio is oriented towards work which, though text based, considers and plays with the medium of recorded sound. While many wonderful recording of poets reading their own work can be found (though not as easily as we would like), we do not publish writers reading their works as such - we are interested in that other, rich history of text-originated soundworks that is part of the avant-garde tradition, from the Dadaists and Futurists, through the contemporary work of innovative poets & writers. Much of this tradition as such has been wonderfully presented by UbuWeb, and we invite and encourage you to experience that tradition there.

New Projects

We are always looking for new work. If you are interested in discussing a CD-length audio project, or in contributing a work towards our next compilaton, send a note to the editor describing your project.

Garrett Kalleberg

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